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News 2013

The ECA Academy offers GMP Training Courses and Conferences in 10 European Cities
The ECA Academy organises GMP Training Courses and Conferences in different European cities. On our new page, you can search for events by venues. You will find events in Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon, Heidelberg, Munich, Budapest, Copenhagen, Duesseldorf and Prague. Click here to find GMP Training Courses and Conferences by venue.

ECA Analytical Quality Control Working Group - Final OOS SOP
ECA's working group Analytical Quality Control has developed a new general SOP on the handling of OOS results. This SOP was presented at the OOS Forum in Prague, the official launch conference for this SOP, in June 2012. At the Forum alternative approaches were discussed by representatives of industry and authority. The final ECA SOP came into force in August 2012. Get more information about the final OOS OOP.

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